The Pat Summitt Foundation

0 February 16, 2017

Thanks to the help of our blood donors, MEDIC Regional Blood Center and our friends at Alumni Hall presented a check to The Pat Summitt Foundation for $14,440! During the week of January 30th to February 3rd, anyone who donated life-saving blood at MEDIC supported Coach Summitt’s legacy – where a $10 donation was made to the foundation for each blood donor that week. Thank you to all of our donors who participated in this event and thank you to Alumni Hall!

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2 January 24, 2017

MEDIC Regional blood Center is rallying its donor base to help The Pat Summitt Foundation in its funding of organizations engaged in patient care, caregiver support, and Alzheimer’s disease clinical research. Not only was former Lady Vols Coach Pat Summitt a blood donor, she was an advocate for MEDIC and the community blood supply. On countless occasions she worked to promote MEDIC’s mission and motivated her fans to roll up their sleeves. As a way to say thank you and to recognize Coach Summitt for her accomplishments, MEDIC is asking its blood donors to “Give for Pat”. From Monday, January 30th through Friday, February 3rd, anyone who donates lifesaving blood at any MEDIC blood drive will be supporting Coach Summitt’s legacy. Thanks in part to Alumni Hall, a $10 donation will be made to The Pat Summitt Foundation for every donor who donates blood. All donors will receive a Free T-Shirt, a Free Appetizer from Texas Roadhouse, a Free Cinnamon Biscuit from Bojangles, and a coupon for the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame!   Donors can give at any of the following locations: Monday, January 30th: Alumni Hall Turkey Creek, 11am – 6pm Walmart Clinton, 11am – 6pm Walmart Maryville, 11am – 6pm Walmart Greeneville, 11am – 6pm Food City Fountain City, 9am – 12:30pm Methodist Medical Center (990 Oak Ridge Turnpike), 12pm – 6pm Manorhouse Assisted

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0 January 13, 2017

MEDIC is teaming up with Food City, Star 102.1, and WATE 6 On Your Side to encourage those in East Tennessee to roll up their sleeves and give lifesaving blood during the week of January 16-20. People are asked to donate, regardless of blood type. Food City is hosting MEDIC at 25 of their East Tennessee area stores. To help encourage people to donate blood, one person at each Food City hosted blood drive will win a $50 Food City gift card. At the end of the week, every blood donor will be entered into another drawing for a $500 Food City gift card. In addition to the locations at Food City stores, WATE 6 On Your Side is also hosting a MEDIC blood drive. One donor who gives blood there will also win a $50 Food City gift card. Blood drive locations: Monday, January 16 Food City South Knoxville, 7608 Mountain Grove, 5:30am – 1:00pm Food City Alcoa, 131 N. Hall Rd, 11am – 6pm Food City Blaine, 180 Rutledge Pike, 11am – 6pm Food City Harriman, 1130 South Roane St., 11am – 6pm Food City Crossville, 1180 West Avenue, 11am-6pm (CST) Tuesday, January 17 Food City Clinton, 507 S Charles G Seivers Blvd, 11am – 6pm Food City Oliver Springs, 508 E Tri-County Blvd, 11am – 6pm Food City Vonore, 2120 Hwy 411, 11am – 6pm Food City Jefferson City, 1507 Odell Dr., 11am – 6pm Wednesday, January 18 Food City Maynardville, 4344 Maynardville Hwy, 11am – 6pm Food City Morristown, 110

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0 January 5, 2017

Help save a life this month! Since 1969, January has been declared National Blood Donor Month due to the extra need for blood and platelets this time of year. The inclement weather during the winter months often results in cancelled blood drives and seasonal illnesses may prevent people from donating. MEDIC Regional Blood Center needs 275 blood donations daily for cancer care, surgeries, and the treatment of serious diseases and trauma. MEDIC supplies life-saving blood products to 29 hospitals in 23 counties across East Tennessee and Southeast Kentucky. Each donor will receive a Free UT Vols Ceramic Travel Mug and a Coupon for a Free Appetizer from Texas Roadhouse! For a list of locations visit:

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0 December 5, 2016

With the recent injuries in Gatlinburg due to sudden wildfires, MEDIC Regional Blood Center is reminding donors of the importance of donating blood to be prepared for situations like this. MEDIC’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Thomas Watkins says: “Patients who are hospitalized with severe burns can be very complicated to manage and can have multiple physiologic systems damaged, as a result of their injuries. Often, these patients are transferred to hospitals with special burn-units and expertise in treating these injuries. Transfusion of Red blood cells, platelets and plasma are often involved in the care of these patients. One European study from 2016, focused on burn related anemia. The group reviewed the care of 558 adult burn victims. They found that 34% of the burn patients received some type of blood product during their treatment. Approximately one third of the group, who received a transfusion, received all three types of blood components. The patients in the study who were transfused, were significantly older, and were more likely to have experienced a flame/fire-related injury, with burns to multiple areas. Also, as expected, the number of blood products required in their treatment was highly varied and depended on multiple factors, including extent of thermal injury.” To sum it up, burn victims often need blood and need more blood than the average transfusion. Be

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0 November 10, 2016

On Monday, November 14th, MEDIC Regional Blood Center will implement new guidelines from the Food and Drug Administration which includes testing all blood donations for the Zika Virus. The FDA required MEDIC and other blood centers to start testing after a rapid spread in the virus which is known to cause potentially fatal birth defects. The new testing is expected to be seamless for donors and staff. During each donation, the MEDIC phlebotomist takes three sample tubes that are tested for diseases like HIV, Hepatitis, and West Nile Virus. Those tubes are sent to a lab where the blood is tested to make sure it is safe enough to be transfused. That lab will now simply perform one additional test before the blood donation is released to local hospitals. “MEDIC has been preparing for this change over the past several months,” says spokesperson Benjamin Prijatel. “We are confident that we are ready to take this additional step to make sure our blood supply is as safe as possible.” For more information about the test, click here. Since all blood is now being tested for Zika, the travel deferrals the FDA implemented in February are being phased out. For the past several months, donors who had visited parts of South America, the Caribbean, or South Florida couldn’t donate blood for at lea

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0 November 3, 2016

During the entire month of November, your life-saving blood donation can go even further! When you donate blood at any location and skip the free T-Shirt, MEDIC Regional Blood Center will make a donation to East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. East Tennessee Children’s Hospital is a 152-bed hospital certified by the state of Tennessee as the only Comprehensive Regional Pediatric Center in East Tennessee and is accredited by the Joint Commission. As a Comprehensive Regional Pediatric Center, Children’s Hospital offers full capabilities to care for seriously ill children in a unique pediatric environment and offers the services of many different pediatric subspecialties. Children’s Hospital works jointly with the University of Tennessee Medical Center to ensure that injured children in this region receive trauma care at the institution most appropriate for the child’s needs. They also assist smaller hospitals by providing pediatric health care training opportunities. ETCH has been a great partner to MEDIC and we are so grateful to be able to give back to them!

0 November 3, 2016

After the Tennessee Volunteers’ likely win on November 12th against the Kentucky Wildcats at Neyland Stadium, the competition turns to the fans. For the 29th year, fans of the Vols and Cats will be competing to see who can donate the most blood for their local blood center during the week of November 14th through November 18th. For the past several years, the Vols fans have been trounced losing most recently by 600 units. This year, however, MEDIC Regional Blood Center is hoping that Vols fans can turn it around. Donors may leave the blood drive down a pint, but they’ll be leaving with a lot more. Not only will donors know they’re helping a sick patient at a local hospital, they’ll also receive our annual Orange/Blue t-shirt, a coupon for a free pizza from Papa John’s, a free Chick-fil-A Sandwich, a free Wendy’s Frosty, a free appetizer from Texas Roadhouse, and free admission to Fantasy of Trees. This list of locations includes: Monday, November 14th MEDIC Knoxville, 1601 Ailor Avenue, 8am-6:30pm MEDIC Farragut, 11000 Kingston Pike, 7:30am-7pm MEDIC Crossville, 79 S Main Street, 12pm-6pm (CST) Blount Memorial Hospital, 907 E Lamar Alexander Pkwy, Maryville 10am – 6pm Laughlin Memorial Hospital, 1420 Tusculum Blvd, 10am – 6pm Methodist Medical Center, 990 Oak Ridge Turnpike, 11am – 6pm Takoma Regional Hospital, 401 Takoma Avenue, 10am – 6pm UT Health, Physic

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0 October 6, 2016

On Monday, October 10th, MEDIC Regional Blood Center is partnering with Ripley’s Haunted Adventure to help bring in life-saving blood donors! During this event, all blood donors will receive a pass for Ripley’s Haunted Adventure, a Free T-Shirt, and a coupon for a Free Appetizer from Texas Roadhouse. Donors who wish to participate can donate at any MEDIC location listed below. Monday, October 10th: Appalachian Underwriters, 800 Oak Ridge Turnpike, Oak Ridge  12pm – 4pm Big Lots, 264 E. Broadway, Jefferson City 12pm – 6pm Cumberland Medical Center, 421 S. Main Street, Crossville 10am – 4pm Shafer Insurance Agency, 1100 Marion Street, Knoxville 8am – 10:30am Walmart, 1815 Decatur Pike, Athens 1pm – 8pm Walmart, 3755 Andrew Johnson Hwy, Greeneville 12pm – 6pm MEDIC Knoxville Office, 1601 Ailor Avenue, Knoxville 8am – 6:30pm MEDIC Farragut Office, 11000 Kingston Pike Suite 9, Farragut 7:30am – 7pm MEDIC Crossville Office, 79 S. Main Street, Crossville 12pm – 6pm

0 September 7, 2016
While the Tennessee Volunteers are preparing to take on the Florida Gators on September 24th, the competition among fans of both teams is already heating up. Beginning Monday, September 12th, blood donors in Knoxville and Gainesville will be competing to see who can collect the most blood to help their community blood centers.
The VOLS have been winning this blood competition each year since 2009! This year, MEDIC is hoping to win on and off the field. To do that, hundreds of donors will need to roll up their sleeves and donate blood at one of our community blood drives.
Monday, September 12
MEDIC Knoxville 1601 Ailor Avenue   8am – 6:30pm
MEDIC Farragut 11000 Kingston Pike, Ste 9   7:30am – 7pm
MEDIC Crossville 79 S. Main Street  12pm –