For Our Hospital Partners

COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma EUA Information

Patient and Caregiver CCP Fact Sheet
Health Care Provider CCP Fact Sheet

Transfusion Service Information Manual
Contact Information
General Information
Transfusion Service Inventory

Storage and Handling of Products Containing Red Blood Cells
Reference Laboratory

Reference Laboratory Services
Patient Selection of Platelet Pheresis Donors

Autologous Blood Donation
Directed Donation
Documenting Blood Container Problems
Summary of the Disaster Response Plan
Transfusion Associated Disease, Recall, or Complication
Supplier Qualification

Forms for Transfusion Services
Blood Transfer Memo

Autologous Donation Request Form

Directed Donation Request Form
Daily Temperature For Red Blood Cell Storage
Equipment Failure Malfunction Report
Recorder or Continuous Temp. Monitoring System Failure Temp. Documentation for RBC Storage
Blood Storage Unit Failure Temperature Documentation
Request for Platelet Crossmatch
Request for Serological Problem Resolution
Transfusion Associated Disease Investigation
Report of Transfusion-Related Acute Lung Injury (TRALI)
Physician Notification of Autologous Patient Donor Testing
Request for Autologous Unit(s) to be Frozen
Customer Report of Blood Container Problem
Suspected Blood Product Contamination Reporting
Units Held at Inventory Exchange

AABB Accreditation
Downtown Knoxville Center, Athens, and Crossville

CLIA Certification / Accreditation
Knoxville Center
Farragut Center
Crossville Center
Athens Center

FDA Licensure / Registration
2024 FDA Registration Knoxville
2024 FDA Registration Farragut
2024 FDA Registration Crossville
2024 FDA Registration Athens

State of Tennessee License
Downtown Knoxville License
Farragut License
Athens License
Crossville License

For Our Local Doctors

These forms are for physicians. Please note that donors can NOT fill out these forms and bring them to our donor center. All of these documents require a signature from an ordering physician.

Request for Phlebotomy – Instructions

Request for Phlebotomy