Individual Coverage

For a MEDIC member, one donation a year provides cost coverage for MEDIC’s or any other blood supplier’s processing costs for blood received at any U.S. medical facility by MEDIC members and their IRS dependents (dependents claimed on the member’s year-end tax return) during the effective term of coverage.  Coverage is earned by donating blood. Each additional donation extends your blood coverage by another twelve months.  Coverage does not apply to the medical facilities charges associated with administering transfusions or MEDIC’s special procedure charges, or blood given for any pre-existing conditions as defined herein.

Substitution Donation

As donors can acquire multiple credits in one year from multiple donations, donors can use those credits to provide coverage to someone else. Donors notify MEDIC of the name, address, and date of birth of the person they want to give their credit to within 30 days of donating and that person will receive one year of individual coverage. Credits cannot be transferred after 30 days.


Friends and family of someone who has used blood within the past year can hold a replacement drive. This gives donors the option of making a replacement donation which helps offset the cost of blood for the patient. This can greatly reduce hospital expenses and give families financial assistance during treatment.

Replacement Program Info

Replacement Consent Form 2023