Host a Blood Drive

Hosting a Blood Drive

MEDIC relies on its community blood drives for 85% of the blood we collect. MEDIC has partnership with businesses, churches, organizations and other groups. We are a 24/7 operation and can accommodate just about any schedule. Here are some reasons many organizations hold a blood drive:      
–  It’s a great way for your members/employees to give back to the community
– Everyone who donates will earn a MEDIC Membership covering the donor and his/her family if they need blood.
– To help reduce the costs associated with transfusions for someone who is using blood products as a part of their treatment or therapy.
– Increase Business Traffic – Hosting a blood drive is a great way to get potential customers on site especially when you work with MEDIC to provide incentives to donors.

Replacement Form

If you want to schedule a blood drive for someone who has or who will use blood, download our Replacement Blood Drive Forms.

These forms needs to be filled out by the person using blood or an immediate family member and emailed or faxed back to MEDIC. 

BOTH forms need to be completed.

Replacement Blood Drive Consent Form

Replacement Program Explainer

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If you’re interested in hosting a blood drive or want to learn more, fill out the information below and one of our Donor Resource Coordinators will contact you.


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