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Individual Coverage

People who donate one pint of blood per year to MEDIC Regional Blood Center receive MEDIC ‘s blood coverage benefit. This benefit exempts donors and their IRS dependents from paying blood collection fees at any hospital in the U.S. if a transfusion is needed.  However, this benefit does not include pre-existing illnesses or conditions. Each donation adds another year’s coverage to protect donors and their IRS dependents.

Group Coverage

Host a blood drive and if 30% of your active payroll or membership participates-your entire organization could receive protection from MEDIC. Under MEDIC’s Group Plan, all members of a group and their IRS dependents receive a year of blood coverage. It’s a FREE employee or membership benefit! MEDIC’s Group Plan can be a great addition to any benefit package and a great way to boost your team’s morale. If the 30% quota is not met, only individuals who donated receive the MEDIC’s blood coverage benefit. If you are interested in hosting a drive and going for Group Coverage, please call 865-524-3074 and ask to speak to a MEDIC Recruiter. Our recruiters can help you set up a successful blood drive!

MEDIC Membership Policy

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