I am so highly blessed and favored to be healthy and able to donate. Every second of everyday a son, a daughter, a mother, or a father needs blood in order to LIVE. Those in need could be my family, friends, neighbors, and community. The cost to give is $0; the value of the gift is PRICELESS!

Melissia BallDonor

I have been donating since the early 70’s with a few breaks. I think it is the best way to give back to the community. I was a blood donor until James at Farragut suggested I might try Platelet donation. I give a double every two weeks and an occasional triple. The crew at Farragut make it an enjoyable experience and are so welcoming. And, I enjoy the time relaxing on a warm bed and watching TV, like a mini-spa day, all the while helping others. Win, win.

Carole LewisSuper Donor

I was visiting Dandridge, TN last week, when I saw a blood drive at Holy Trinity church. I am a regular platelet donor in Baltimore. I go every other week. Being away thought I’d stop in for a whole blood donation. The Medic folks were friendly and appreciative for me to drop in. My wife and I, are planning a move to the area next year. I will be a regular once I get to town.
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Vince Del GavioDonor

I have been donating whole blood starting in the mid-80’s and for ten years or so have been donating platelets. Before donating platelets, I gave at Medic’s previous location (close to the TVA locations) and on mobile units. Everyone has always been very nice; but since I have to donate platelets at the Ailor Street location, I love going there. They accommodate any situation, including donors who need to bring there children. I even volunteer to help them on their special occasions.

Diane SkeensSuper Donor

I donated today in Townsend! Often I am difficult to stick and it takes a bit of maneuvering to get the blood flowing. Preston got the vein in the first stick! It was a great experience! (I totally love the socks!). Thank you for saving lives (and making it pleasant!)

Elizabeth RudesillDonor

I have not had to use this for one of my own family and pray I don’t have to but it blesses me to donate once I learned how it helps others. People I don’t even know. Felicia was my first contact there and she did such an awesome job.
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Lora GeamesDonor

Saw the mobile bus at the YMCA in Athens, and stopped in on a whim. First time I donated with Medic. They did great! The staff tested me wonderfully and made sure I felt fine and had a snack before I left. Hey, even got a free t-shirt for donating blood! I’d be comfortable donating at the mobile unit again.

Patti WheetmanDonor

I have nothing but praise for your staff. The turnout for the blood drive for Logan Condra in Rogersville was phenomenal. I know your staff has to be exhausted, but they were never anything but courteous, professional and caring. Thank you again.

June GladsonDonor

Medic Regional Blood Bank has the nicest, friendliest, professional people you will meet. They are very quick at what they do. If You are pressed for time, they will work so hard to meet your schedule. It is a very clean place. I have been donating 20 + years. Please go by and donate today, many lives are counting on you to live!

Jerry DayDonor