Meet Abbey! Abbey was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia. A rare condition where the body does not produce enough red blood cells. Since her diagnosis in July 2021, Abbey has received RBCs and platelets twice a week. People like Abbey make up a large portion of our blood recipients. Blood is used beyond trauma and helps treat or relieve the symptoms of many diseases. MEDIC is always open for donations, walk-ins, or appointments. You can schedule at If you or someone you know is interested in sharing your MEDIC story, email us:

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Abbey – Patient StoryPatient

I donate because it matters.

I started donating platelets with another dad. Around the time both our daughters were going through a bone marrow transplant. 4 years later and after many platelets donations. It still is a blessing to know that you have the ability to provide so much hope to someone.

The backstory and the reason it matters for our family is significant. Our beautiful daughter Hattie was diagnosed with AML leukemia at 9 months old. She went through almost a year of treatment and received hundreds of blood products from people we will never know. Hattie is now 4 years old and it is an amazing blessing.

You might not ever know who you are donating to. But the only thing you need to know is IT Matters. Every single child, person, and parent is so incredibly thankful for that. ❤️🙏

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John HalterDonor

People who we love need blood products. So many people cannot donate. I can give and I feel it’s a honor. ❤️❤️

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I donate because it is an easy, yet vitally important way, to help another person. I will never see them, I will never meet them, but I lay my head down at night knowing that I helped someone at the time of their most critical need.

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Jenny ShreeveDonor

I donate to help others. Whether it be a family member or stranger.

Also, might I add, for those that are looking for 🎁 Gifts for hard to buy for friends and family, a medic membership is a wonderful gift.

What better gift than the gift of life?

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Teresa RitterDonor

My family has always donated, but this past year has brought things to light… my son Zak Martin was in an accident in September and had to receive a lot of blood. Medic is amazing and held a blood drive for him. I want to thank Medic and everyone that donated!!

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Vicky WheelerPatient Family Member/Donor

My name is Noah and I am six years old. When I was three and a half, I got sick with leukemia. Leukemia is a blood cancer. I had to have 13 transfusions during my two-and-a-half-year journey. I was off treatment for eleven months and I just found out last week that I relapsed. My cancer is back. I already needed a bag of platelets before my Broviac (central line) could be placed and my hemoglobin and platelets are so low right now, I will probably need more transfusions in a day or so. I don’t know what the treatment plan will be for me, but I know I will need additional transfusions in the future. Thank you for donating blood and platelets and thank you for helping kids like me.

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Noah SilenoPatient

Peggy donates “to save lives!”

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Peggy KleinDonor

I started donating when I was in high school, it was a replacement drive for Ashton Fritz. Ever since then I try to donate every chance I get. I donate blood to help save others’ lives. My sister had to receive 4 pints of blood several years ago, so I know just how important it is that people donate. I also organize community blood drives throughout the year at the sheriff’s department.

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Sara MayDonor and Drive Coordinator

I have been donating whole blood starting in the mid-80’s and for ten years or so have been donating platelets. Before donating platelets, I gave at Medic’s previous location (close to the TVA locations) and on mobile units. Everyone has always been very nice; but since I have to donate platelets at the Ailor Street location, I love going there. They accommodate any situation, including donors who need to bring there children. I even volunteer to help them on their special occasions.
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Diane SkeensSuper Donor