There are several questions surrounding Monkeypox in the East TN and Southeastern Kentucky region. Below is information to answer questions.

  • Worldwide, there have been no reports of transmission of monkeypox virus through blood transfusion and the risk of transfusion-transmission remains theoretical.
  • Routine measures used to determine blood donor eligibility prevent individuals with symptomatic infections from donating blood. 
  • Given the robustness of the existing safeguards for blood safety FDA does not recommend that blood establishments ask donors additional, specific questions about possible exposure to the monkeypox virus. 
  • FDA does not recommend using laboratory diagnostic tests to screen blood donors for the monkeypox virus. 
  • FDA will continue to monitor cases of monkeypox in the U.S. and worldwide and the available information about the potential risk of transfusion-transmitted monkeypox virus.

There is no deferral after receipt of the monkeypox vaccine. If a smallpox vaccination is given in lieu of a monkey pox vaccine, donor deferral may be required; consult with MEDIC staff.

Click here for the CDC information page on Monkeypox.

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