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You Can Add an Employee Benefit-for FREE!

It is a free benefit to all groups, companies or organizations that host a blood drive and receive at least 30% participation. If 30% of the payroll or membership give blood one month prior or one month after your scheduled blood drive then you receive MEDIC's Group Coverage Program. This means that all employees or members, as well as their IRS dependents, are covered if they need blood within one year of the blood drive date. That's right-MEDIC will pick up the tab. This benefit is our way of saying thank you for agreeing to host a blood drive. Please see your Donor Recruitment Specialist for more information.

We Need You!

Did you know that 85% of the blood collected at MEDIC Regional Blood Center comes from blood drives set up at companies, churches, high schools and communities? That right, we count on our area contacts to help us meet the blood needs for the area.


You have just volunteered to help save lives in the East Tennessee and Southeast Kentucky. Your involvement is instrumental to us. A recruiter will help you but you are our "insider." We need you to help promote the blood drive to ensure the success. We thank you and hope that you see just how important your role is to us. You are key to the success of the blood drive.

Donor Recruiter Specialists Will Help You!

Date, Time and Location

MEDIC Regional Blood Center hosts about seven blood drives each day of the work week. It is imperative that we schedule your blood drive as soon as possible to ensure you get the day and time you prefer. If, for instance, there is a special event going on and you would like to have the bloodmobile present. We need to know that ASAP in order to make sure we can accommodate the request.

Bloodmobile or Inside Set-up

Our bloodmobiles are completely self-sufficient. We do not need electricity-we run from our generators. However, we do need ample parking to pull the bus in and out of an area. Our bloodmobiles are 40ft blue bird buses and we request at least 8 parking spaces. Inside set-ups are a little different. We ask that the area be well-lit, temperature controlled, easy access for public and near restrooms. Restroom access is a must for both blood drive types since there are no restrooms on the bloodmobiles.

You Need A Goal

Please keep in mind that the goal is averaged into our daily projections. We ask that you please be realistic. Keep in mind that 60% of the population is eligible to give blood but only 5% will actually take the time to do so. One great way to ensure success is to have sign-up sheet. Your donor recruitment specialist can supply you with a sheet with times for you to you take to your co-workers or members and see who is willing.

Create a Team

Most likely you'll need a team to help you meet your goal. Please choose a few people who will help you promote the blood drive and encourage participation. Maybe you have someone on your team who has used blood or knows of someone who has needed a transfusion. Personal testimony goes a long, long way. And, statistics show that one in five will need a transfusion during his/her lifetime.

Recruit, recruit, recruit

You will be provided with promotional materials, such as flyers, sign-up sheets, brochures, etc. Also, you can download flyers or brochures from our website if you prefer to send an email. There is no replacement for getting out there and asking people to give blood ~ the gift of life. If you ask, you'll be surprised just how many will respond favorably. (Click here to download a brochure or flyer)


We will provide a sign-up sheet in advance of your blood drive. Please get as many people as possible to agree to a set time and ask that they stay on time. However, please not that on the day of the drive we ask that you continue to help us by encouraging participation.

Evaluation Time

Did the drive go as planned? Did it meet your expectation? Did we meet goal? What would you do differently next time? These are all great questions and taking a few minutes to jot down a few notes will help us better prepare for your next drive.

Thank You

On behalf of MEDIC Regional Blood Center as well as the patient in our area hospitals who, right now, are depending on volunteer blood donors to step up and make a difference. The blood use in our area must come from volunteer donors who felt it was their responsibility to think of others who are in need. Thank you for your time and for agreeing to host a blood drive. We appreciate you and consider you a part of MEDIC's recruitment team.

Would you like to host a blood drive? If so, please fill out the information below and a recruiter will assist you as soon as possible.

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